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construction financial management association chicago chapter

The Source and Resource for Construction Financial Professionals

               CCIFP Certified Chapter Members
Member Company
Adam Sandefur, CCIFP Bear Construction
Carol Monaghan, CCIFP
Courtney Hartnett, CCIFP
Power Construction Co., LLC
D2K Traffic Safety
Genevra D. Knight, CCIFP Porte Brown LLC
Gordon B. Marshall, CCIFP, CPA Tri-City Property Management LLC
James T. Demos, CPA, CCIFP Bigane Paving Co.
Jen Haub, CPA, CCIFP Skender
Jill Stone Zizzo, CCIFP Lindblad Construction
John A. Bibeau, CCIFP Mueller & Co., LLP
John Lancaster, CCIFP, CPA Porte Brown, LLC
John O'Brien, CPA, CCIFP Herlihy Mid-Continent Company
John T. Metz, CCIFP, CPA Independent Consultant
Jonathan K. Zeiler, CCIFP Crowe LLP
Joseph A Gleba, CCIFP Porte Brown LLC
Kathleen A. Tomaska, CCIFP Anson Industries Inc.
Kathleen Sherman, CPA, CCIFP Operix
Kevin M. O'Shea, CCIFP Shamrock Electric Co., Inc.
Kimberly Reome, CCIFP HKA
Mary Davolt, CPA, CCIFP Consultant
Michael Ricks, CCIFP  
Michael Schyman, CCIFP Aldridge Electric, Inc.
Michael Sullivan, CCIFP Peak Construction Corporation
Polycronius Kelaiditis, CPA, MST, CCIFP Ozinga
Randall J. Ellis, CCIFP Porte Brown LLC
Russ K. Matthys, CCIFP Crowe Horwath LLP
Russell J Wilson, CCIFP Porte Brown LLC
Ryan Black, CPA, CCIFP Porte Brown LLC
Samantha Spalding Davis, CPA, CCIFP Rose Paving LLC
Sean Smetana, CCIFP Miller Cooper & Co., Ltd.
Sean Tews, CCIFP Porte Brown

Shawn McKenna Erickson, CCIFP
Tammy Kilty, CCIFP

C.J. Erickson Plumbing Co.
All-Bry Construction
Thomas A. Kielbasa Jr., CCIFP, CPA Tower Contracting LLC
Tracey Fenolio, CPA, CCIFP Consultant

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