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construction financial management association chicago chapter

The Source and Resource for Construction Financial Professionals

Mission: To provide resources to meet the challenges of Construction Financial Professionals

About Us

Founded in 1981, the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) is the only organization dedicated to bringing together construction financial professionals and those partners serving their unique needs. CFMA serves more than 7500 members via 94 chapters located throughout the US and Canada.

Chicago is one of the largest chapters within the CFMA. We are a Board and Committee run organization founded in 1984. Our chapter offers a network for financial professionals specifically within commercial and specialty construction as well as resources for those within the industry.  

The Chicago Board and Committees pride themselves on the welcoming, forward-thinking, fun, organized, and professional nature of our group of members. Our mission is to bring together dynamic financial professionals and business associates in the construction industry, provide education pertinent to our members, provide social networking opportunities, and assist our members in building a foundation of support that they can depend on throughout their careers. 

Whether you are new to the industry or a lifelong member, CFMA offers the benefit of personal and professional growth and a diverse peer network found in no other association. 

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